A1 Vendor Management Software

The A1 CRM system provides advanced sales lead tracking, customer contact information, call reporting, follow-up reports and unlimited contact and branch information.

Previous Quotes/Estimates and historical Order Information are easily accessible from the A1 Contact Screen. Create letters, emails and mass emails easily in A1! Most importantly, everyone in your organization will have access to up-to-date Customer information.

The A1 Vendor Management System includes the following:

  • Migration of vendor data from your existing software
  • Follow-up notes and report system with auto print of follow-up reports
  • Vendors categorized by type
  • Links to Purchase order history, items purchased with last cost
  • Multiple Currency setup
  • Multiple Vendor types
  • Multiple Contacts for each Vendor
  • Individual Document Management Folder accessible for each Vendor
  • Shipping Information and account information
  • All forms and reports are numbered using ISO standards
  • Track when the Record was last Modified by date and user