Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

The A1 Vendor Management system provides advanced vendor contact information, follow-up reports and unlimited contact and account information. Historical Purchase Order Information is easily accessible from the A1 Vendor Management screen.

Create letters, and emails easily in A1 using pre-made document templates!

The A1 Customer Management System Includes the following:

  • Migration of vendor data from your existing software
  • Follow-up notes and report system with auto print of follow-up reports
  • Vendors categorized by type
  • Links to Purchase order history, items purchased with last cost
  • Multiple Currency setup
  • Multiple Vendor types
  • Multiple Contacts for each Vendor
  • Individual Document Management Folder accessible for each Vendor
  • Shipping Information and account information
  • All forms and reports are numbered using ISO standards
  • Track when the Record was last Modified by date and user