A1 Business Management Software

A1 Business Management Software© is a unique, fully customizable solution. Our innovative, intuitive design is easy to use and organizes useful information in one window, reducing the steps required to look up information or perform a task.

A1 can be easily modified to fit the exact requirements of any industry including Manufacturers, On-Site Service and more.

A1 is a fully integrated, All-In-One system that will meet your exact requirements, guaranteed!

A1 Software is modular, which means you purchase only the modules you require, including: Advanced Contact Management, Time/Billing, Production Management, Quoting and Estimates, Job Scheduling and Billing, Inventory, Accounts Receivable and Payable, Time and Attendance, Payroll, General Ledger, Financial Reporting and More.

Using a framework perfected over the years we work closely
with you to customize each module to meet your exact requirements.

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The A1 Vendor Management System includes the following:

  • Migration of vendor data from your existing software
  • Follow-up notes and report system with auto print of follow-up reports
  • Vendors categorized by type
  • Links to Purchase order history, items purchased with last cost
  • Multiple Currency setup
  • Multiple Vendor types
  • Multiple Contacts for each Vendor
  • Individual Document Management Folder accessible for each Vendor
  • Shipping Information and account information
  • All forms and reports are numbered using ISO standards
  • Track when the Record was last Modified by date and user