A1 Payroll Management System

A1 Payroll software is the perfect alternative to expensive payroll services and can be used as a standalone payroll system or combined with other A1 modules.
A1 payroll software is easy to use and provides you with the freedom and flexibility to handle the entire payroll process.
A1 includes quarterly software updates and 24/7 support.

The A1 Payroll Management System Includes the Following:

• Calculates reimbursements, benefits and deductions
• Multiple Departments
• Multiple Pay Rates
• Pay Cheques in any format or EFT with Canadian financial institutions
• Includes all standard internal and government reports in electronic format. T4, EHT and prepare the information needed to create an ROE
• Easy to create custom reports
• Time & Attendance Integration
• Integration with most Human Resource Systems
• Optional Advanced Time and Attendance Software and Time Collection Hardware

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Client Testimonials

"We have utilized the A1 accounting system for a number of years and continue to be delighted with its reliability. Support from CSE is excellent and at no time have you failed to find a timely solution to any of our problems."
- Laird Fraser of Kent Legal

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the A1 Management Software that you installed for our company. We clearly had grown out AcePac Plus for various functionality and stability reasons and I am happy to report that the software has been stable and problem free since converting to A1 last year."
- Kent Berry of Robertson Fire Equipment

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